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About the MSVCC


The Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) is a consortium of Mississippi's 15 community colleges that makes it possible for colleges to leverage their distance learning resources -- including faculty, courses, support services, and technology. Through the MSVCC, students may take courses from community colleges anywhere in Mississippi while getting support services from a local college. To take a course from a remote (provider) college, a student enrolls at a local (host) community college. The host college supports the student with a full slate of student services, including advisement and counseling, financial aid, and learning resources. The host college awards credit for the course. The remote (provider) college provides the course instruction.

The success of the MSVCC partnership and resulting trust that has developed between the MCCB and the member colleges has led to the advancement of quality and accessible education, fiscal efficiency, and innovative, as well as collaborative, instructional practices.


Providing educational opportunities to the learners of Mississippi and beyond


Dedicated eLearning team that coordinates with the 15 MSVCC Colleges


Consortium of Mississippi's community colleges

20 Years of Progress

The Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) was created amid the technology boom of the 1990s. Technology in general, and distance education in particular, seemed to hold great promise in solving a number of problems in higher education. Many state leaders believed distance learning could expand educational access and increase economic development. Creating a consortia model ensured financial sustainability. 

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