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The mission of the MSVCC is to provide educational opportunities to constituencies who live within the various community and junior college districts in Mississippi and to others beyond those boundaries. The mission includes providing access to instructional offerings through advanced technologies for those individuals who currently cannot take advantage of the offerings of the community and junior college through traditional means and to those individuals who are seeking alternative educational delivery systems.


The MSVCC is guided by four primary goals:

  • Promote opportunities for student achievement

  • Provide an innovative, high-quality learning experience

  • Deliver exemplary administrative, instructional, and student support services

  • Initiate opportunities for growth and extended education outreach


The consortium serves as an infrastructure for collaboration to strategically address needs that are shared across the system. While the colleges are technically considered competitors outside of the consortium, all have agreed to align their interests and resources to collectively create a broadly usable solution. The alignment of interests is achieved by having strategic initiatives decided upon and carried out by committee members comprised of community college personnel. These committees serve as incubators of innovation for Mississippi’s community colleges. Their collective efforts are focused on four strategic initiatives: Success, Quality, Support, and Growth.

Through collaborative partnership with members of the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) and the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB), the Division of eLearning & Instructional Technology provides services, support, and resources to participating colleges and their respective educators and administrators in alignment with the goals and mission of the MSVCC.

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