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MSVCC Academy


The changing landscape of technology and use of digitally enhanced learning has made access to affordable professional development a necessary component for educators. Effective professional development enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills needed to address not only technology concerns but also student learning challenges. The MSVCC Academy provides quality professional development services which enables the community colleges to support a high volume of instructors. To accommodate the various needs of the consortium, the MSVCC contracts with trainers and course developers utilizing MSVCC funds to offer courses and webinars in a variety of formats including live, on-demand, online, face-to-face, synchronous, asynchronous, self-paced, and various conferences and workshops throughout the year.

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What Participants Say

Academy Participant

As someone who teaches at four different colleges, I’ve been through a lot of training. This has been (by far) the most helpful.

Academy Participant

This course offers a wealth of knowledge about effectively teaching and designing a course. It provides practical tools and tips to successfully engage students….I have truly enjoyed it.

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