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History of the MSVCC

20 Years of Progress

The Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) was created amid the technology boom of the 1990s. Technology in general, and distance education in particular, seemed to hold great promise in solving a number of problems in higher education. Many state leaders believed distance learning could expand educational access and increase economic development. Creating a consortia model ensured financial sustainability. By the year 2000, almost every state in the nation had created some initiative or entity resembling a virtual college. Mississippi was no exception.


Founded with a desire to leverage distance learning resources-including faculty, courses, support services, and technology, Mississippi’s community and junior colleges entered into the distance education arena with a mission to provide access to instructional offerings and training through advanced technologies to all constituents of Mississippi.

MSVCC Academy

Quality webinars and courses for K-12 and Higher Ed faculty, staff, and administrators

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Comprehensive videos and guides on various instructional technology tools

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Byte-Size PD

Quick tip guides and short instructional technology tool videos

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